Fine Sand Recycling Machine-DBM Crusher

Fine Sand Recycling Machine


Working Principle
1.Structure: The system is composed of the motor,pump.cyclone,vibrating,pool recycling box.
2.Working procedure: The compound of sand and water is transported to cyclone, the sand that centrifugal classification concentrate is provided to the vibrating screen by the heavy grit, and sand with water are effectively separated after the vibrating screen dehydration. Through recycling box, fine sand and mud and so on are transported again to the pool, and then they are exhausted from the exit when the liquid surface of pool is too high. The material weight concentration recovered by the vibrating screen is 70%-80%. Adjusting fineness module may come true by changing the pump rotation rate,changing pulp concentration, adjusting the flooding water yield, or changing the grit mouth, and then fulfills its three functions-washing,dehydration and screening. 

Technical Data

Model Pump Separator specification Dewatering Screen  
Material Size (mm) Size(mm) Power(kw) Capacity (m³/h) Weight     (kg)
LZ10-25 7.5-11 Cr26 250 1000× 2000 1.5×2 30-80 2550
LZ10-30 11-15 Cr26 300 1000× 2000 1.5×2 40-100 2700
LZ12-55 15-22 Cr26 550 1250× 2500 2.2×2 100-200 3750
LZ12-65 18.5-30 Cr26 650 1250× 2500 2.2×2 120-250 4245
LZ15-65 18.5-30 Cr26 650 1500× 3000 3×2 150-275 4900


Advantages and features
1. In the traditional artificial sand wet processing technology, artificial sand wash mud,dehydration using spiral sand washer, the loss of fine sand in artificial sand can hardly control. With the fine sand recovery system, we can effectively reduce the loss of sand, make the control within 5%-10%, well solve the artificial aggregate processing system in the finished product sand fineness modulus on the high side, the problem of low dust powder content.
2. Polyurethane sieve shaker has longer life than other types of screens, and does not block pores.
3. Polyurethane lined cyclone,improve the life of the whole device and can successfully complete slurry concentration,liquid clarification work.
4. The maximum amount of 85% recyclable emissions of fine particles of material,have unparalleled technical and economic advantages than other devices.
5. Fine particles are fully recovered,reducing the workload of the sedimentation tank and the cost of setting ponds cleanup.
6. Reduce the fines piled time, direct transport,supply market.
7.  According to the different requirement of users, we can design different solutions.


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